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I'm a full stack software engineer who always seek to add a new fun and cool tool to his toolbox!
From the data structure and software architecture design to backend technologies and web services for real-time communication and frontend development with modern component's framework. I love the puzzle solving exercise of turning functional needs into a real working application.

My current favorite tool to play with are Rust (Tauri ❤) and SvelteKit with some CI/CD pipelines and a TDD methodology!

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Software engineer - Technical Consultant, 4CAD Group

    Sep, 2021 - Present

    This position is issued from a company takeover. I didn't resign from my position.

  • Software engineer - Technical Consultant, Logtimiz

    Mar, 2021 - Present

    Responsible for the "In-House" built ticketing application interconnected with the ERP Sage X3 (Product owner and Technical lead). I'm also the author of the "RichMail By Logtimiz" Sage X3 Addon who enhance the mailing capabilities of Sage X3. As well as Sage X3 development with business analysis, development and redaction of documentation (both technical and functional).

    • In charge of one full-time web developer to keep developing the "In-House" built ticketing application while being assigned onto wider X3 projects

    • Complex add-on development environment (6 different maintained versions for X3)

    • Developed intern tools for Add-on deployment, certificates and licenses generation (Tauri desktop application)

    • Learn how to dialog and interact with a wide range of customers size (from the family size business to multinational company)

  • Software engineer - Junior Technical Consultant, Logtimiz

    Sep, 2020 - Mar, 20215 months

    I pursued the work done in my internship as the principal maintainer of the ticketing web application, now in production. Being in charge of various task from bug/hotfixes, development of the new feature to the maintenance of the production application, delivery of new releases and monitoring the production instance.

    In addition, I joined the support team to sharpen my Sage X3 knowledge and customer relationship skills.

  • Software Engineer Internship, Logtimiz

    May, 2020 - Aug, 20202 months

    Analysis and design of a web application combining customer space and support space based on the Symfony framework. Real-time interconnection of the web application with the company ERP (Sage X3).

    • Designing the tech stack, data structure and services architecture of the web application

    • PHP Programming language and Symfony framework

    • Twig, Bootstrap and VueJS for Front-End development

  • Student job

    Sep, 2015 - Aug, 20194 years

    Various position as a student and/or summer job.
    From tutor for elementary/high-school student to Crew member at Pizza Hut or Universal agent in a movie theater.



  • Backend stack

    PHP / Symfony

    Node.js (JS/TS)


  • Frontend stack

    Svelte / SvelteKit

    VueJS / NuxtJS

    TailWind CSS



  • Developer tool chains


    Github & Gitlab (Issues, PR/MR and actions/pipelines)


    JetBrains IDE

    familiar with command line interfaces

  • Other languages




    C / C++

    C++ Qt



  • ERP - Sage X3

    L4G Sage X3


    V5, V6, U7, U9, V11 and V12

    Crystal Report



  • Computer Science, Software engineer, ESIREM - Ecole supérieure d'ingénieurs de recherche en matériaux et en InfoTronique (ESIREM)

    Sep, 2016 - Sep, 2021

    Operating System

    Networking and Security

    OOP - Object Oriented Programming

    SQL - Structured Query Language

    Mobil development (Swift)

    Desktop application (Java/C++)

    Artificial Intelligence

    Big Data

    Business Intelligence

    Parallelism and distributed resource management

    Cloud Computing

    Cognitive Psychology applied to UI/UX design

    Wireless Communication protocol (RFID, NFC)

    Image and Signal analysis

    Advanced UML



  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Industrial (CCNA I), Cisco Networking Academy

    Issued on: Jun 30, 2019

  • TOEIC - 935/990, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

    Issued on: May 01, 2019